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What is Hookah?

The term Hookah is actually a Devanagari term. Its etymological root can be found in the nastaleeq word ‘huqqa’ which means a water pipe. It is a single or multi-stemmed instrument for smoking tobacco in which the smoke is cooled by passing it through water. The earlier Hookahs were very simple in construct with a base made out of a coconut shell to which a pipe was attached thus imparting a rugged and primitive look to it.

The origins of hookah cannot be stated with exactness. It is of dubious origin since some holds the opinion that it originated in India while others are of the view that it originated from Persia. According to one legend the Hookah originated nearly a millennium back in the north western provinces of India from where it spread to the Middle Eastern countries via Pakistan. It is believed that it acquired ‘tombeik’ or dark tobacco grown in Iran on its way through the Persian kingdom. But if we adhere to the other legend which is in circulation the Hookah was supposedly introduced by a Persian physician named Abu-l Fateh Gilani at the court of the great Mughal emperor Akbar. Gilani descended from the northern Persian province of Gilan in Iran. It outdoor hookah should be mentioned here that the Hookah was already in use in Persia since the time of Shah Tahmasp I. When Gilani came to India tobacco smoking was just introduced by the Europeans and it was gaining in popularity. Owing to the growing popularity of the tobacco smoking Gilani raised concerns of health hazards and tried to device an instrument which will filter the impurities and “purify” the smoke. He thus envisaged a system which allowed the smoke to pass through water before smoking. This device gained a huge popularity among the noble men and subsequently amongst the masses as well. It in fact became a status symbol for the upper class gentry of the Rajputs, Jats and the Bishnois. Thus if we take both of these legends to be true then the inference is that while the primitive Hookahs that originated in India almost a millennium ago was used for smoking opium and hashish was used for smoking tobacco in Persia. It was also slightly modified there and this modified version was introduced by Gilani at the Mughal court. It also underwent a change in its design with its growing popularity amongst the nobles and upper class gentry. The design became more complicated with a metal or a glass base with intricate designs on it thus adding to its beauty.

Hookah Pipes

Hookahs date back to the 17th century. It was first made out of coconut shells. Then it was modified a lot in different countries and changed into the modern day hookah. Hookah pipes are known by different names in different parts of the country. hookah pipesIn some places of the world it is known as Narghile whereas in some other parts of the world it is famous as Shisha. The basic structure of the modern day hookah pipes are as follows-

Hookah pipes generally consist of a body, a stem, a small bowl and a hose. The body of a hookah pipe which is also called a govde is basically a curved vessel used for containing the water. The body gives way to a long and slender stem from which the vapor passes. This small bowl contains the tobacco. At the end of the body of a water pipe, a hose, better known as the marpuc, is attached. With the help of this hose you draw the smoke from the hookah. At the tip of each hose, a mouth piece is attached known as the agizlik.

lots of hookah pipes This is the basic structure of hookah pipes. But there can be many variations in the style of hookah pipes. Like there can be several hoses attached to the main body of the hookah instead of just one. Normally the materials that are used for making hookah pipes are blown glass, silver, brass, aluminum, clay, porcelain and wood. But now-a-days lots of experiments are being made with materials like plastic, Pyrex glass, rubber and steel. There are many styles like Syrian and Egyptian and they are many types of hookah pipes found. You can choose and buy from the different varieties available or you can also get them custom made.

In public places like cafes and bars, normally a group of friends share one hookah. And if the hookah pipes have only one hose then many disposable plastic mouthpieces are provided to each patron because of hygiene. Now in the 21st century, smoking hookah is considered a style statement and the choice of hookah pipes reflects your personality. Thus choose the correct type of hookah that goes with your image or you can simply get it custom made, just keep in mind the general structure of hookah pipes.

What is Shisha?

Shisha which is derived from the Persian word ‘Shishe’ means glass. It is a common term for hookah in Egypt and the Arab nations of the Persian Gulf like Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia and also in Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, Somalia But generally Shisha refers to the flavored, nicotine free and tar free tobacco that is used for smoking in the hookah. Dark_hookahThe hookah pipes usually referred to as ‘nargille’ often have more than one mouth and this makes it possible more than one person to smoke from the same hookah. The flavored tobacco is placed above water which is then covered by a pierced foil with hot coal placed over it the smoke which is then drawn is cool and filtered by the cold water.

The tradition of smoking hookah pre-dates the cigarette smoking by hundreds of years. It is so popular in the Arab world that there are innumerable hookah cafes where one can enjoy one’s smoke. Shisha that is smoked by means of a hookah is nothing but tobacco (also called tobac, tumbak, tombak, gouza, guza, moassel and seesha). It is mixed with molasses and is enriched with fruit flavors. Hookah_pictureIt is not like the common tobacco that is used in cigarettes or cigars for smoking. The tobacco used for making Shisha is claimed to be the best and it is held that there is nothing as refreshing as smoking it. The tobacco that is used for making cigarettes and cigars is supposedly considered to be impure whereas that used for making Shisha professes to be free of any harmful impurities. Generally it is believed that cigarettes contains large amounts of nicotine and other additives though there are a few brands which claims to be free from these harmful additive free but still they are of no match to Shisha. Since smoking flavored tobacco is always much more tempting than smoking unflavored one. But for whatever reason it might have been smoked for flavor or for enjoying a nicotine free smoke smoking Shisha is always a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

But no matter how much does it claims of nicotine free, healthy smoke smoking is always injurious to one’s health. But then it is better than smoking a cigarette. It’s light and flavored smoke is always very refreshing and it is available in a variety of aromatic flavors like apple, apricot, pineapple, grape, rose, mint and even vanilla and cappuccino’s. There’s even an especial cola flavor! The effect of smoking Shisha can last for two to three hours.

Popular Hookah Shishas

Shisha or the tobacco used for smoking is available in a variety of flavors. To enhance the hookah experience the tobacco is generally mixed with fruit shavings of different kinds like apple, mango, lemon, rose. Other than this it is also available in coffee, candy stripe and choco mint flavors.

Apple shisha

Apple flavored shishas are very common now a day but this have not affected its popularity. It is generally dark and wet with a strong scent of apple. It generally has the flavor of baked apple or apple crisp which lasts pretty long. But there are certain drawbacks as well, like it leaves an artificial taste in the mouth after finish and also the finish is not completely clean.

Mango shisha

India specializes in mango flavored shishas. The mixture for this shisha is generally dark brown in colour. On smoking the mango shisha imparts a sweet yet chemical taste it in fact leaves a very strong metallic and chemical after taste. The smoke is however thick and milky with a pleasant fruity smell but its strong metallic taste brings thumbs down for this flavor.

Lemon shisha

The lemon shisha is characterized by its texture and its sweet lemon smell. The smoke is a mixture of tangy citrus smell and a sweet sugary aroma thus imparting an exotic quality to it. The only hitch about this flavor is that the smoke is slightly light colored.

Rose shisha

Smoking a rose shisha is really a divine experience. Its smell is generally a mixture of rose and warm chocolate. But as one starts smoking the aroma of rose takes precedence. The finish is smooth with a pleasant minty after flavor. The smoke is generally milky and it dissipates quickly.

Coffee shisha

This is another very popular shisha flavor. The coffee shisha emits a strong sweet smell of coffee even when not fired. When one first smokes it, this shisha gives a creamy sweet flavored sensation. The finish leaves one with a sweet sensation.

Choco mint shisha

This flavor is a huge hit and is available in many brands. Even before the shisha is fired a strong scent of mint can be perceived. It is generally dark in color. It gives a sweet mint flavor when inhaled and on exhalation leaves a chocolate flavor. But the finish leaves one with an artificial smell.

How do I make Hookah taste better?

Smoking a hookah is becoming a craze among the younger generation. Some go to lounges for smoking hookah but some try to do it at home. But making a hookah at home all by yourself can be quite difficult. girl smokingYou have to know the right ingredients that should be put in the hookah, the ratio of the different ingredients that should be put, the quality of the coal and also the temperature of the water that should be used. If you do not do it right your hookah smoking experience at home will be a disaster. So here are some tips to make your hookah taste better.

Let us start with the coal. Natural light coals are more preferable to instant light coals as they leave less ash after smoking and also they don’t leave an after taste like the instant coals. The coal should always be placed on the top of the foil. Ice is put in the base to make the smoke cooler and better. Sometimes milk can be added in the base to make the smoke thicker.

To enhance the taste of the hookah smoke the shisha is made available in a variety of flavors ranging from fruit flavors like grapes, strawberry, pineapple to cappuccino, chocolate and even colas. girl smokingThe hookah experience can be made more pleasurable by replacing the bowl with a fruit piece like apple or an orange this would not only impart a pleasant flavor to it but would also prolong the session than in a traditional clay bowl. One might also use a glass screen or bowl between the tobacco and the coal instead of a tin foil thus freeing the smoke of its metallic taste and elevating the smoking experience.

If you want, you can mix some liquor with your hookah instead of just fruit juice. You can add rum with different fruit juices like coconut or peach or banana. These combinations are hot favorites and will please you as well as your friends who will come to smoke the hookah at your home. But always keep in mind not to inhale the hookahs with alcohol for a long time. This may proof harmful for your body.

Now some tidbits about making your hookah taste even better. The thicker the mixture of the hookah, the better will be the flavor. You can put some ice cubes at the base of the hookah to cool down the temperature. The cool temperature will make the smoke cooler.

How to Blow Hookah Smoke Rings You’re at a hookah lounge with your group of friends. Everyone’s having a great time listening to music, drinking, eating, and of course smoking. Then it’s your turn to take the hookah. You smoke out multiple thick and full smoke rings that expand as it goes across the room. Everyone claps in amazement. People on the other side look with amazement. In this article, we’ll show you how to get those nice even smoke rings. First, inhale in the smoke as you normally do. It’s easier if you inhale a large amount so you can practice more sessions. Of course, exercise caution that you’re not pulling in too much smoke that it makes you start coughing. We don’t want that! You should have enough smoke to hold it in your throat.

Second, with your mouth closed, move your tongue back towards your throat. Keep it towards the bottom of your mouth. You should not be making any sounds just air pushing out of your throat. As most, it should be a whisper coming out of your thread.

Third, your lips should be shaped like an “O”. When you are smoking you want your lips to look like you’re saying ‘oh’. Push out a little bit of smoke. Your tongue should move forward but once the smoke is out it returns to the back of the mouth.

Experimenting with Hookah

There are varying opinions on the best way to make hookah. Everyone has their own special preferences, and if you are into hookah smoking, experiment to find the right taste for yourself.

The first thing would be putting water in the base filling it a little above the shaft that goes into the base of the hookah. Watermelon_hookahSome people prefer different sorts of liquor in the base. However take precautions and it is recommended to see your doctor before you try alcohol. Some people put orange juice, apple juice, red wine, etc. to spice up the tobacco with a different flavor. The thicker the liquid, the more dense the smoke. When packing the hookah with tobacco, remember the drier the tobacco is when being stuffed in the bowl, the tighter is the pack, and the thicker the smoke. Shisha should be generously packed because it burns very easily and very quickly. This can always be adjusted later.

lemon hookah You can even use a hollowed out apple in place of the bowl. Scrape out the inside of an apple, leaving it tapered towards the bottom. Place it on top of the stem and sprinkle the tobacco in. The tobacco should be placed against the wall of the apple in successive layers of good quality like Havana, Moassel, or Al Fakher. Cover with foil and place coal on the top. You can also mix it with other stuff, which is sure to spice up your night.

Blow through the pipe to clear up any dust or particles that may be sticking to the inside of the pipe. Do not wash the pipe unless you are sure that the pipe is washable. Place the coal on the top and light it, and take a few drags to get it going. The drag should be like trying to drink a milkshake through a straw. Rotate the coal to avoid burning either the Shisha or foil.

Put some ice in the base to make the smoke thicker and the smoke colder. Just put enough ice to cover the bottom. Fill the water upto the normal level, because when the ice melts, the water level stays the same.

People like to add many different edible items in the base to change the taste. Adding milk makes the smoke whiter, different fruit add a variety of flavor, food coloring adds tint and you can experiment with anything you like.

Hookah Smoking Etiquette

Smoking hookah is an old age tradition and it has been handed down from generation to generation. Hookah was found in and around 17th century in India and was mainly made up of coconut shells. From India the concept of hookah went to Turkey and was modified and this hookah found its place in coffee bars and lounges today. Hookah bars are also found today across the world, which are made mainly for the purpose of smoking hookah.

As smoking hookah is an art and handed down from generation to generation, there are certain etiquettes that you must follow while smoking hookah. If you are a newly introduced to the world of hookah, you must know the etiquettes that should be followed. If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself when you are out with your friends in a hookah bar, then follow the simple etiquettes that are given below. You should always remember something when you are sharing a hookah with your friends. When you are done smoking the hookah do not pass the hose of the hookah directly to the next person but keep it down on the table for the other person to pick up. When you are smoking a hookah with multiple hose, remember that when you are done smoking plug your mouthpiece with your finger so that extra air does not get inside when another person sucks the hookah from another hose. Never hold the hookah hose with your left hand as it is considered unclean in some countries. It is considered bad manners to light your cigarette from the coal of the hookah. So never do that. Use the tongs that are provided with the hookah to move the coal sometimes in order to move the ash and also for heating the coal evenly. Smoking hookah is a leisurely activity, so do not hurry and try to finish a hookah. A hookah lasts a long time so take your time, relax and enjoy it fully. Do not make any unnecessary commotion in hookah lounges. It is a quiet place and people come there to relax and enjoy so try to maintain the quiet ambience. Smoking cigarettes is not always allowed in all hookah bars. If no ashtrays are fond near your counter then take it as a sign that you are not allowed to smoke in here. But the best thing to do is ask the staff whether smoking is prohibited or allowed.

Hookah is Gaining Popularity in America

Hookah first originated in India. It was first made up of coconut shells. Then it modified and developed and took a better shape. Then it traveled to the western countries like Iran, Egypt and Turkey. These countries are now the sites of the best quality hookah. In America, hookah was introduced just a few decades back and now it’s slowly gaining popularity.

In America, it was first introduced in Los Angeles and New York by the Middle Eastern people and they were the only clients. Slowly hookah started gaining popularity and hookah bars and lounges started opening up in other parts of America. asian smokingIt became popular mainly among the college students. It is most popular among teenagers who have turned legally adults according to the law of their state. In America, if you want to smoke or buy hookah, you have to be at least 18 years of age.

As hookah is most popular among college students, in America, hookah bars have grown up a few paces away from college campuses. Normally students go in groups of more than two and share a single hookah. But a disposable mouthpiece is provided to each patron in order to maintain hygiene.

Hookah bars do not have liquor licenses but instead they make a lot of profit by selling snacks, tea, coffee, soft drinks and sodas. Some hookah bars also have kitchens. In other words you can say that if a restaurant has a separate counter for people to smoke hookah comfortably it can be called a hookah bar or hookah lounge.

concert hookah Hookah was quite famous in the 19th and 20th century. It was considered a style statement. But then its position was taken over by cigarettes and cigars as they were more handy. But people started being aware of the ill effects of smoking cigarettes and thus started switching back to hookahs because of the several health advantages due to water filtration and the lack of tar.

Though hookah is quite popular in America, that doesn’t mean the whole of American population know about it. There is definitely scope for the growth of the hookah industry in America. The young generations of America have taken this business to a new height. Quite a number of hooking bars and lounges are being opened in different parts of America. In the last half decade more than three hundred hookah bars have opened up in America.

Hookah is Growing Globally

Hookah or water pipe though originated in India hundreds of years back is still in use. It is in fact gaining a huge popularity amongst the masses. Though previously regarded as a status symbol of the upper class Green_stargentry it is now being smoked by people belonging to different social and cultural milieu, thanks to the hookah cafes which caters to their tastes! Hookah’s popularity is on the rise not only in modern day Indian sub continent and Middle East but also in Europe, North America and Brazil.

It is believed that hookah originated in the North Western part of India almost millennia back it was then used for smoking opium or hashish. But as it made its way through the Persian Empire it not only got modified in its design but also incorporated the tradition of smoking flavored Tombeik or dark tobacco which is still prevalent. The hookah smoking has become a part of the socio-cultural tradition in the Arab world. The concept of social smoking with help of a single or double pipe is widely practiced there thus turning the smoking into a social activity. Hookah cafes are in fact one of the chief gathering place there. ‘Nargila’ the Israeli name for hookahs is a huge hit among the masses. Its use increased with such an alarming proportion that The Israel Cancer Association launched a campaign against its use. cool coalsIn Pakistan though hookah smoking was traditionally prevalent for generations in the rural areas but now a day its popularity is perceptible even amongst the urban masses thus leading to the opening of a considerable number of hookah cafes and pubs in the cities. In India though the hookah has made its resurgence but its use is restricted with the government ban on public smoking and the use of tobacco products.

Hookah Setup


  1. Fill the hookah vase with water, submerging the bottom of the stem 1″ to 1.5″ into the water. (For a greater cooling effect, fill the bottom of the base with a layer of ice cubes prior to filling it with water. You may also substitute water for other liquids.) *Check out the “Tips and Tricks” section under How To?*
  2. Place the rubber vase hookah grommet firmly onto the bottom of the stem. Insert the metal stem into the base by applying firm pressure while rotating the stem. Make sure the stem is snugly fit, and the metal stem is submerged 1″ to 1.5″ in the water.
  3. Place the charcoal tray on top of the stem.
  4. Place the rubber stem grommet onto the top of the stem. Place the hookah bowl on top of the bowl grommet, creating an air tight seal. *Do not press too firmly as the pressure exerted by the stem may crack the bowl.*
    Insert the rubber hose grommet into the hookah hose connection in the stem. Place the wooden end of the hose firmly into the grommet creating an air tight seal. *Repeat for all hoses if you are using a multi-hose hookah.*
  5. Loosely pack the shisha tobacco into the bowl. Be sure to remove all pieces of stem from the shisha tobacco as this may cause a less then satisfying smoking experience. *Do not over pack the bowl. Leave approximately ¼” of space between the top of the bowl and the tobacco.*
  6. Cover the bowl with a piece of aluminum foil sheet, shiny side down. Make sure the foil is large enough to tightly cover the bowl. (*Purchase Hookah Life’s pre-sized foil packs for sizing consistency*)
  7. Using a pin, toothpick, needle, or other similar objects, poke consistently spaced holes starting at the perimeter of the bowl and working your way in, using a spiral motion.

Lighting Hookah Charcoals:

  • If you’re using quick light charcoals: Use your charcoal tongs to hold a piece of charcoal while lighting both sides using a wind-resistant butane lighter. Heat the charcoal until it is consistently red hot before placing it on the bowl.
  • If you’re using natural charcoals: Place natural charcoals onto a gas/electric stovetop burner. You may also use a charcoal heater. Let the hookah charcoals heat up for 8-12 minutes (depending on size of charcoal and temperature of the heat source).
  • Once your charcoal is red hot place it on the bowl.
  • Place metal hookah wind cover over the bowl to keep heat in and wind out. This will give you a thicker longer lasting smoke.
  • Make sure to thoroughly clean your hookah before and after use to ensure continued excellence and longevity. *Check out our “Maintenance” section under How To? for more detailed information.*

Tangiers Shisha and Phunnel Bowl:

  1. Open the package, empty shisha (tobacco) and juice onto a piece of tin or aluminum foil and spread the shisha out.
  2. Let acclimate for four hours. *Acclimating the shisha means to allow the shisha to sit out in fresh air, at room temperature allowing the natural chemicals to adjust.
  3. Once acclimated, transfer shisha from foil into an air tight resealable jar. Stir tobacco and juice well.
  4. Lay tobacco in bowl. Don’t spread it, separate it or mash it down! The density of the tobacco in the tub is the density the tobacco should be in the bowl as opposed to most brands that are ground up smaller that you have to separate out in the bowl (spread it out in the bowl).
  5. Add foil/screen. If you are using foil, poke 2 concentric circles (3/4″ apart) with approximately 30-50 holes (depending on bowl size), and one hole through the center hole of the phunnel.
  6. Invert the phunnel bowl and, while holding the foil/screen so it doesn’t blow off, blow through the hole that will be connected to the hookah. The air should pass through easily, not effortlessly; it should feel like there is something in there (the shisha tobacco).
  7. Place the bowl on the hookah stem. We recommend using one 33mm Three Kings hookah charcoals or 2 pieces of silver coated Japanese style hookah charcoal brickets (broken into halves or fourths).

Most common reasons why Tangiers shisha tobacco doesn’t smoke right:

  • Too little shisha tobacco in the bowl. Be generous with the amount you pack into the bowl. Less shisha makes the smoke thin and harsh.
  • Too few holes in the foil (not an issue with a screen). Also makes the smoke thin and harsh.
  • Tangiers shisha requires less heat than most shishas. Too much hookah coal will cause the shisha to burn and smoke harshly. Try taking some coal of, or breaking the coal apart and spreading out the pieces.

If you’re getting good smoke, but it feels harsh, take some charcoal off. If you aren’t getting much smoke, there is probably too little tobacco or too few a holes in the foil.

Frequently, the tobacco will smoke a little harsh for the first five minutes or so, but once the bowl gets up to temperature the whole thing will smooth out into smoking mode.
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Hookah Maintenance

  1. Clean the hookah after every use
  2. Run warm water through the hookah hose, clearing all residue left behind from the previous smoke.
  3. Rinse out the hookah vase (you can use lemon juice as well as baking soda with warm water in combination with a base cleaner to provide a more thorough cleaning.)
  4. Run warm water through the hookah stem, using a stem cleaner to clear any excess tobacco that has fallen through the bowl as well as smoke residue that has planted itself on the inner walls of the stem.
  5. Wash the hookah bowl with warm water. Clear all burned shisha tobacco off the inner lining of the bowl as well as the inside were some of it might have fallen through.

Use fresh shisha tobacco

  • Once you open your shisha tobacco it will only stay moist for a few days under normal conditions.
  • Putting your shisha into an air-tight jar will keep it moist for a few weeks longer, but even then it will still dry out.
  • By mixing your dry tobacco with honey or molasses you can recreate that “moist” consistency it once had.

Change the water after every use

  • Dump out the old water.
  • Clean the hookah vase with warm water, lemon juice, baking soda, and the help of a vase brush.

Change the hookah hose

  • Every hookah hose experiences wear and tear, but how much wear in tear is too much?
  • After 30 or so uses the inner lining of the hose as well as the inside of the wooden ends starts to wear down and deteriorate.
  • You should change your hose anywhere between your 30th-50th smoking session, depending on how long your average smoking session lasts.
  • Follow these steps will keep your hookah smoking like a champ for years on end!

Hookah Tips and Tricks

Hookah maintenance tips:

Some simple steps to clean your hookah fast, and prolong its life as well as the taste:

  • Wash out the hookah vase, hookah stem and hookah bowl with warm water. It also helps to use bakeing soda or lemon juice when washing the hookahs. This removes the smell of stale water and refreshes the hookah.
  • Clean the hookah hose. Use warm water and let dry before smoking. We find it easy to wash it out and then hang it on a door knob or stair railing to speed up the drying process.

Create a better hookah smoke:

  • Make sure the shisha tobacco is packed loosely with the shiny side of the foil facing down.
    Remove any stems or unusually large pieces from the shisha prior to smoking.
    Leave some space between the tobacco and the foil, usually about a half inch, so that the hookah coal heats the shisha tobacco instead of burning it.
  • Use moist tobacco. If the shisha has already been opened, keep it sealed in a ziplock bag or an airtight jar.
  • After packing a loose bowl with space between the foil and the tobacco, punching one large hole in the middle with broken coals surrounding the hole, it hits slower, but much much smoother.(This method is based on user preference)
    Rotate the coal, starting at the perimiter and moving toward the center.
  • Add ice to vase before pouring in liquid. Ice helps cool and break up the smoke for a cleaner, smoother and more rewarding smoke.
  • A good trick for getting a cooler smoke is to place your dry hookah hose inside of the freezer 20 to 45 minutes before you smoke that way it’s nice and cool when you smoke.
  • After you’re done poking your holes in the foil, blow through the bottom of the bowl. This prevents any shisha from getting stuck in the small holes found on the bottom of your bowl and makes your hookah pull better.
  • Blow smoke out, if your hookah has a release valve to refresh stale and harsh smoke.

Variations on shisha tobacco mixes:

You can basically mix whichever tobacco’s you like together, but we have listed some complimentary combinations and neat tricks to add some flavor and longevity to your favorite shisha tobaccos.

If your tobacco dries out:

Its always best to keep tobacco in a room temperature environment, or even better a humidor. Never store it in cold or hot places. If the tobacco has dried, you can:

Mix it with fresh tobacco

  • Mix it with red wine, just make sure to dry it with a paper towel before smoking. (Must be 21 to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages)
  • Mix the tobacco with honey. Shisha usually has molasses in it, and honey is similar so it re-creates the original consitancy.

Some Mixing Basics

  • Never mix differently branded shisha tobacco as this will create an inconsistent smoke.
  • When mixing there are 2 primary methods:
    • Mix both flavors together completely, this creates a smoothie effect as you taste all the flavors simultaneously.
    • Layer the flavors in stages. Place the dominant flavor at the bottom of the bowl and work your way up. This will create a satisfyingly distinct smoke as you will first taste the top flavor and gently progress down, eventually creating a wonderfully distinct experience.

Some Variations we have found to delicious over the years:

  • Al Fakher Grape/Al Fakher Mint
  • Layalina Strawberry/Layalina Melon
  • Al Amir Blueberry/Al Amir Raspberry
  • Starbuzz Chocolate or Cappuccino/Starbuzz Mint
  • El Nakhla Coffee/El Nakhla Vanilla
  • Tangiers Strawberry/Tangiers Lemon (Pink lemonade)
  • Al Waha Jasmine/Al Waha Rose
  • Fusion Fun on the Beach/Citrus Mint

Generally speaking the more citrus a flavor has the more potent the taste. So keep that in mind when mixing.

You may also want to consider mixing fresh fruit in with your tobacco to enhance the flavor.

Variations on Water

Some mixing basics:

  • When adding liquids that are naturally denser than water you should never use solely that liquid. It should always be mixed with cold water.
  • The preferable proportions are 1 to 1. That is 1 part water for every 1 part of miscellaneous liquid. In the case of milk, if you are using whole milk or cream than you may want to up the ratio to 2 to 1 as it is a pretty heavy liquid.
  • You should only use a liquid other than water without mixing if it is a juice or alcohol. The general rule of thumb is if you can see through it than you don’t need to mix, if you can’t then use the ratios listed above.

Some Variations we have found particularly pleasing in the past:

  • Rose tobacco with peach iced tea in the vase
  • Mint tobacco with crushed altoids(or any mints) in the water (Mint Scream)
  • Red wine (prefferably Merlot) with tropical flavors such as grape, plum, peach, pineapple or bannana. (You must be 21 to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages)
  • Citrus rich tobacco’s which have complimentary flavored juices available such as orange, pineapple or apple are a good combination.
  • For a stronger buzz you can use hard alcohol such as vodka or congac in the vase, roughly 3 shots for a medium sized hookah, in concert with tropical flavors like apple, mango, pineapple, melon and so on. (You must be 21 to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages)
  • Exotic tobacco’s such as cappuccino, coffee, vanilla and strawberry mix well with Milk. (Please review vase mixing basics above)

You may also want to consider mixing fresh fruit in the vase for enhanced flavor.