When people talk about hookah, they mainly talk about the quality of shisha, the flavor of the shisha, the size, shape and style of hookahs. But you will never find a person talking about one of the most important things that is needed to make a hookah complete, that is the coal. Coal or charcoal is a major ingredient in the making of a hookah. It is placed on top of the aluminum covered tobacco leaves in order to heat them and produce the smoke that you take in while smoking a hookah.

There are different types of coal that are found in the market. If you are new to the world of hookah you may find it difficult to find the right kind of coal. So it is best for you to settle for most common and convenient type of coal- the self lighting coals. The self lighting coals manufactured by Three Kings are the most popular in the market. Lighting this type of coal is the easiest and you can light them up with a Zippo even when there is a lot of wind or even in the rain may be. But these easy to light coals come with an added flavor which you may or may not like.

Natural coals made up of olive woods or lemon woods are the best options if you can spare some of your time behind making the hookah. These are natural coals and do not have the synthetic flavor that is always found in easy to light coals. These coals heat evenly and produce the required amount of smoke minus the excessive coal flavors. You need a stove to light up these coals.

There is another option of Egyptian coals which are commonly known as the charcoal bricks. These are also made up of lemon wood. They are chunks of coal of different shapes and sizes and they burn very easily. You need to cook these coals in stove and they take a long to cook. The smell these coals produce, while they are burnt, is quite unpleasant but these varieties are the most flavorless coal for hookahs that is available in the market.

If you want the cheapest coals for your hookah you can order them from suppliers of Thailand and china. They make coals from woods which are less expensive. They are normally made from oak trees. They might be inexpensive but they light very easily and burn evenly.

Chronic Hookah Coals Review

Chronic Hookah Coconut Coals are a wonderful hookah coal available in both instant light and natural varieties.

Naturally we are forced to compare Chronic Hookah Coconut Coals to Coco Nara coconut coals as they are the original and reigning champion.

Generally, the performance was better than other natural coals, better than Al Fakher coconut coals but not as good as Coco Nara. Chronic hookah coals lit quickly, but ashed and released more smoke than Coco Nara. At the current price point they are worth the money but have some room for improvement.

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Its tough to compete with Coco Nara quality, but these get really close. Considering that most coconut hookah coals perform well, these are at the top of the list but still not the best.